Pot Hanging Cowl & Installation kit for woodburning stove/ multifuel/ flue liner


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Please select the diameter / size kit
you require to attach to your flexible liner using the drop down tab at
the top of this listing & then select the finish of your Cowl.
  • Your kit comes with an adapter to connect your
    stove pipe to your flexible flue liner and a hanging cowl (if your stove
    pipe is 5" and your liner is 6" please select the Increasing adapter

Pot Hanger with integral rain cap and bird guard not only allows the
chimney liner to be installed without removing the pot, but prevents any
bird penetration and increased rain protection. A pot hanging cowl is
used at the top of the chimney pot to take the weight of the liner,
simply push the liner between the three straps and tighten the supplied
jubilee band. The pot hanger also has a further three straps which hang
down the outside of the chimney pot the jubilee band supplied is fixed
around these to secure against the pot.

For more information contact jack on 07515540376.




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