2x Insulating fireboards skamotec 225 1000*C lightweight 1000mm-620mm-25mm


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2x Calcium Silicate Insulation skamotec 225 fire panels up to 1000*C.

Dimensions: 1000mm x 610mm x 25mm

Product Profile

Perfect for lining inside fireplaces and can be painted with standard emulsion or plastered over.

Very lightweight.

They have smooth, rigid and non-dusting surfaces. 

Extremely low thermal conductivity figures.

Very good heat resistance – can be used up to the full temperature limit.

Adequate mechanical strength – resists damage in installation and operation.


The combination of high performance features makes the range of calcium silicate the ideal choice for efficient insulation of kilns, furnaces, ovens, stoves, boilers, re generators, mains and all other combustion equipment in heat consuming industries.

Note: The product composition allows for an easy cutting  on site, using ordinary woodworking tools.

Do not use inside stoves as firebricks.

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