1 x Envirograf 1200°C High Temp Temperature Fireproof Silicone Sealant


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Envirograf Silicone

Perfect for fixing all types of our vermiculite boards.

Envirograf Silicone Fireproof Sealant is a ready to
use silicone for sealing and fire stopping between brick, block,
concrete, glass and steelwork.
4-houre fire protection.
Adhesion without primer.
Low temperature use down to -20°C.
Solvent-free: no slumping.
Flexibility retained from -40°C to + 1200°C.
For maximum adhesion remove all dirt dust and rust to ensure the area of application is clean.
Can be painted over.
Please visit our shop for an application gun if required.

Make: Envirograf
Size: 310ml
Colour: clear

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