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5″ or 6″ Top plate and clamp for flue liner pot hanger

5" or 6" Top plate and clamp for flue liner pot hanger.               

9 metres 5″ flexible 316 flue liner/adapter/pot hanging cowl

9 Meters of 316 flue liner including flue adapter and pot hanging cowl.Multi fuel flexible liner made from 316L grade...

Flue Liner Chimney Top Clamp 5″ & 6″

Top Clamp316 Stainless SteelSecures your liner Above the top plate on the Flat area of your Chimney Stack.     Contact jack...

Multifuel 316 Grade Stainless Steel Flue Liner + Fittings & Cowl

Multi fuel 316 grade flue liner + installation packhetas approved + 10 year warranty.Stainless pot hanger pack includes:*Your chosen flue...

Pot Hanging Cowl & Installation kit for woodburning stove/ multifuel/ flue liner

Please select the diameter / size kit you require to attach to your flexible liner using the drop down tab...

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